Low Leaf’s release party for Palm Psalms took me on a dreamy journey into her world

Credit: Jorge Alarcon-Swaby

by guest writer Fernanda Ulibarri

On Friday, February 10th, independent based LA artist Low Leaf put a beautiful event together to celebrate her CD release entitled Palm Psalms at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock.

The venue is beautiful, spacious, and a historic landmark. Built in 1914 as a Carnegie library, it was declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1985. They provide cultural events to the community and put together an awesome music festival in the summer. The space smelled like incense and Thai food. There was a small market section, food, a bar, and colorful projections on the walls. It was a cozy and magical atmosphere that made the event special. It was not only about the music, it was like entering Low Leaf’s world.

I heard about Low Leaf through a friend. I checked her out on YouTube and saw a video where she plays an Aaliyah cover. It’s so adorable! I’ve been waiting for a while to see her live but it wasn’t until this event that I had the opportunity to see her show.

There was a full house and the show was ambitious and well produced.  She had a twelve-piece band, live visuals with some funky effects, and really cool lighting.

Credit: Jorge Alarcon-Swaby

Low leaf’s music is dreamy, with hints of jazz and soul, and also complicated. Her band consisted of a rhythm section, string quartet, background vocalists and a flute/sax player. Low leaf was playing the harp and sometimes the piano.

Her style and earth friendly message is cool, and the fact that she plays the harp as her accompanying instrument while she sings is fascinating.

The band sounded great, but unfortunately by being such a big band, it was hard to fully hear Low Leaf’s sweet vocals. But her presence, her harp, the visuals, and the vibe of her band made up for it.

Credit: Jorge Alarcon-Swaby

I was impressed with her musicianship. She’s a skilled piano and harp player. I can tell she’s a trained musician and a good one. With her music, she creates an atmosphere and takes you on a journey. I personally need more repetition in music and I like catchy melodies. It helps me connect with the artist. I like to leave a concert with a melody or a rhythm in my head.

It’s always nice and gratifying to see a show from an independent artist with lots of work and love behind it, and a full house with a receptive audience makes is special.

If you haven’t heard of Low Leaf, check her new album on Spotify and also check out her YouTube channel. Her visual style is strong, different and a big part of her thing.

Fernanda Ulibarri, aka Fer Uli, is a singer/songwriter and actor/filmmaker from Mexico City, who also makes dreamy, eclectic music on piano and autoharp…in her case, combining Johnny Cash with Mexican polka.

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