Faces of Los Angeles: An International Photographer Shares Angelenos’ Stories through Portrait

by Katie J

Josh Fassbind recently left one metropolis known for its vibrant international citizenry — Geneva — for another: our own Los Angeles. A professional photographer with years of success in both commercial and fine art work, Josh has made a mark with his special eye for portraits. Combining heartfelt inspiration from his multicultural surroundings with his gift for connecting with those surroundings’ subjects, he created his critically acclaimed project “Faces of Geneva.”

The collection is grand in scope — to amass a portrait and single-word story from one Genevan citizen from every country in the world — yet the individual photographs feel immediately recognizable, almost familiar. The portraits are intimate, but still reserved; the viewer is aware they are only getting a gorgeous glimpse into the wide inner world of the subjects. Seen all together, the photos build a landscape of unique similarities that any citizen of any country would feel kinship with. The project is a beautiful representation of what it is to live within a swirling chorus of cultures, fascinating yet wonderfully ordinary people, all together in a single city that may as well be the entire world.

He describes his goal for “Faces of Los Angeles” as such: “I will photograph and select one person from every United Nations’ 193 countries. Each photograph will be taken in the participants’ chosen location in Los Angeles. Everyone will also have to choose one word that best describes their feeling about LA.”
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