Afro Funke 10 Year Anniversary featuring Ozomatli Thu June 27

The weekly world music night Afro Funke at Zanzibar, Santa Monica will be celebrating 10 years going strong this Thursday, June 27 with Ozomatli in the house! The people behind Afro Funke are Rocky Dawuni, Cary Sullivan and DJs Jeremy Sole (KCRW) and Glenn Red (Eclectica) and they have been faithfully bringing great global music and culture every week to the west side in Los Angeles.

I had an opportunity to ask them a few questions about the upcoming celebration:

How did Afro Funke get started 10 years ago and who was involved?

Afro Funke’ was conceived by Ghanaian International musician, Rocky Dawuni along with his partners Cary Sullivan (talent buyer/photographer) and DJ Jeremy Sole – out of the need to create a cultural hub that represented the ethnicities of Los Angeles. Being from Africa, Rocky envisioned the night to represent the influence of African music and it’s global incarnations by using live music, Djs and visuals.

What growth and changes has Afro Funke seen?
Over the course of 10 years, we have been able to maintain a core family of revelers who have helped the week to grow stronger and stronger – which we are very proud of. The Afro Funke’ Massive represents all ages, colors and creeds. We have also had a much more international audience that has increased as Afro Funke’s influence has spread throughout the world. It has become a global recognized movement.

What is the one thing that sticks out to the Afro Funke team this past decade?

One thing that sticks out over the last 10 years  is that we are all still engaged and excited about what happens at Afro Funke’ each and every Thursday through live music, Djs, art, fashion, documentary films, activism and so much more. Plus everyone is STILL DANCING!!

What do you want to tell people, both loyal regulars and people who may not have experienced Afro Funke yet, about next week’s party and what it means to you and the Afro Funke family?

For the 10 Year Anniversary next week, we all feel that it is a time to refresh, recalibrate as well as a time to also show our appreciate to all of the people who have made Afro Funke’ what it is today. Ozomatli’s multicultural spirit is a fitting sound track celebrating this milestone. So please don’t miss this…..or else you might have to explain it to your children….

So you heard it here, folks. This is a not-to-be-missed event. Here are some videos of Afro Funke shows through the years to give you a taste of the eclectic live acts as well as surprise celebrities who show up unannounced. There are limited presale tickets online for $12 or $15 at the door. More info on the Facebook event and latest updates on their Twitter.


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