Exclusive Mix from CuLosAngeles, new Tropical Bass party in LA bridging Pan African sounds and Queer identity

by Tom Nguyen

We’re proud to premiere the latest mix by DJ Broso, who together with DJs Bianca Oblivion and Francesca Harding, are the musical geniuses behind a new tropical bass party in downtown Los Angeles called CuLosAngeles (ya you heard that right!) whose goal is to melt your booty on the dance floor. I’ll let Broso explain…


CuLosAngeles was the brainchild of me and Bianca Oblivion. I had just moved here from Guatemala last August and Bianca arrived shortly afterwards from Boston where she was completing her graduate degree. Our mutual DJ friend, Dudley, who used to throw amazing Tropical Bass parties in Boston connected us so we met up and immediately started geeking out together. We ate at Roscoe’s and then came back to my place and just played music for each other for hours and talked about everything we loved and wanted to see.

13041282_1173742045969421_2725761309457081082_oWhen it came to rounding out the roster, we both knew Francesca Harding (formerly known as DJ Panamami) was a perfect fit to join us since she is a monstrous DJ who has a more Organic and Latino approach to party music as opposed to my heavily Hood and Caribbean focus and Bianca’s more Electronic and Club oriented sound. The final piece of the puzzle was bringing my close friend Christopher Eclipse on board as our host. His charisma, sense of humor, lavish outfits and ability to lead the whole party in dance are like the perfect frosting on the CuLosAngeles cupcake.

13063369_1173742522636040_4953975327554028360_oMUSICAL INSPIRATION?

Both of us had experienced years of East Coast club life and had developed tastes for various styles that were more representative of West Indians, Caribbean Latinos, West Africans, and also stuff that was very rooted in Queer culture out there. In LA, most of that stuff existed separately but felt really disconnected. The West Indians didn’t know about the Tropical Bass parties, the Queer parties didn’t play Latino sounds, Africans largely kept to themselves, etc. We wanted to something that bridged all of that.

We had a specific feel that we wanted that wasn’t rooted in the vintage Afrobeat/Roots Reggae sound, the traditional Cumbia/Salsa/Merengue/Bachata formula or the wild synth-heavy festival Bass but instead mixed a little of each of those with Hood flavors (Rap, Trap, Bmore/Jersey Club), distinctly Queer styles (Vogue, Bounce, etc.), modern sounds from West Africa (Naija Pop, Azonto, Kuduro), UK Bass (Grime, Bass House, Jungle, Funky, Garage, Bassline) and fresh sounds from countries like Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mauritania and Holland that are making amazing stuff steeped in Pan-African traditions but aren’t getting a lot of play out here.


I told Bianca that the name of the party had to involve asses somehow since booty is the currency of the dance floor. She came back a day later with “CuLosAngeles” which is a contraction of Culo (Spanish for “butt”) and Los Angeles.

13048206_1173741325969493_1490186862693410088_oThe first two parties were amazing and we hit capacity both times. More importantly (to me, at least) was the fact that we really had people from across the African Diaspora. Afro-Ecuadorian, Dominican, Jamaican, Nigerian, South Sudanese, Malian and various other places all vibing alongside the Pan-Asian, Pan-Latino and white folk in addition to the wealth of identity diversity with all the LGBTQ family who were in the house.

I think people really react to the fact that we truly represent all these sounds and styles we portray. The party has a very Feminine, Queer, Black/Brown energy but when you look at who is throwing it, that makes sense. The futuristic/punk Chicana queen, the Guatemalan Garifuna B-Boy, the Antillean Panameña vintage goddess, and the loud and radiant American dancer/model who is more LA than taco trucks. Whether you pronounce the party with your Spanish accent or say “Cool Los Angeles”, I think it fits.

I think it fits well too and can’t wait for the next CuLosAngeles on Friday, June 24, at The Lash…21+ and no cover! Enjoy the nearly hour long mix, click here to sign up for their newsletter and get a free download.

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