Guide to Dia de los Muertos 2016 in Los Angeles

by Tom Nguyen

Here’s our roundup of Dia de los Muertos in and around Los Angeles. As I repeat every year like last year, please learn about and honor this respectful celebration of departed loved ones, an important tradition that goes back to indigenous roots, and not turn it into another culturally appropriated Cinco de Mayo.

By no means is this list complete — there are so many great Dia de los Muertos events all over Southern California, I couldn’t possibly list them all. For a more complete list, check out this one. Events below are all ages and free, unless otherwise noted.

Sat, October 15

Sun, October 16

Thu, October 20

Sat, October 22

Sun, October 23

Tue, October 25 – Wed, November 2

Thu, October 27

Fri, October 28

Sat, October 29

Sun, October 30

Tue, November 1

Wed, November 2

Fri, November 4

Sat, November 5

Sun, November 6

Thu, November 10

Fri, November 11

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  1. Give it up. Dia de los Muertos in Los Angeles came to life during the 1970’s Chicano Movement as a way to embrace our Mexican tradition on an assimilated turf. It has since become overly commercialized and pecked to death by the culture vultures, even worse, exploited by our own gente.

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