Weapons of Mass Creation’s song ‘Hard to Admit’ addresses sexual abuse in our own communities

by Tom Nguyen

In an era where we have a president who got elected despite boasting about “grabbing p*ssy”, it’s been heartening to see at least some powerful men in entertainment and politics finally having to answer for sexual violence as women bravely come forward. I hope the media attention, national dialogue, and women sharing their #MeToo stories results in real policy changes and legal protections in every workplace against people using their powerful positions to sexually exploit others.

Besides the rich and famous though, where is the much needed spotlight and attention on the sexual harassment, domestic abuse, and violence that is happening everyday in our own communities? Julia Franco, of Weapons of Mass Creation, sings poignantly about her own struggles against sexual harassment in their latest video “Hard to Admit”.

Weapons of Mass Creation are outspoken in their music and one of my top local bands to watch — they sing about police violence, racism, and gentrification happening in our marginalized communities. And in “Hard to Admit”, Julia says on top of all the issues she has to contend with as a woman of color, self-care doesn’t mean hugs and kisses in a safe space…it means carrying mace and always being on guard against men in her own communities.

So let’s address and challenge the sexual harassment, misogyny and toxic masculinity that happens everyday in all the spaces we occupy. Women have been doing the work and leading the charge. Men, we need to step up and be accountable for our actions as well as challenging men around us when we see abusive behavior, and not being complicit and silent. Get involved and support the work of these organizations in our communities: Peace Over Violence, Justice For My Sister Collective (Julia’s older sister Hilda Franco is involved with JFMSC), AF3IRM, and TheRealTalkProject, which currently offers a self-paced course on how to be a better male ally.

Weapons of Mass Creation performs tomorrow Saturday, November 11, at Tropicália Music and Taco Festival, and “Hard to Admit” is the first of a series of live performances shot at Sanctuary Sound, a grassroots DIY community and performance space in downtown Santa Ana. Amidst the rapid gentrification of the area, the space is so vital and essential: “Sound is a safe space for dangerous sound. In the state of our communities the main stream considers our arts of expression dangerous. But this is not the reality. Our working class communities find amazing creative and ingenious ways to create expression from our experiences using art, music, dance and the power of power of our words.  Our mission is to give our communities a space to create and build their skills so they may be prepared to benefit from then in the world that is consistently taking from them.”


I got debt collectors checkin my dome
They think I got the money just laying at home
As if they don’t know why I need it in the first place
And did I mention I never leave the house without mace?
Cus yo when night falls it means alot of things
Unwarrented harassment is what it brings
And yo you right this is my home this is my city
But the way they treat me I said is never pretty and they prey on me yes always without pity
And they turn around and blame me because I got titties?
They always tell me self care should be first on my list
I’m out here thinking its to love myself a hug and a kiss
I never thought it meant protect myself when a brother gets pissed
For rejecting advances, they say i got it made
I never asked for this attention yo you got me played
Chorus: same ol song, throw your trauma in a bag and get on, aint got no time to stop and heal its so wrong, my heart is heavy and this road is so long
And to those who came before me ive inherited your pain my blood is your story
Its mandatory that it stops with me uhwhatwhat
Break the cycle and just cop some peace,
Praise the god within until it hurts my knees
Translating my past like its cantonese
And through it all yo we gettin degrees and superceding the limits of this colonial disease
With trauma woven in our veins resiliency is all thats left to gain
Remember that when your bags get heavy, and when the pain got you sinking in the chevy
Its not my fault what you left me with, i carry demons and its hard to admit, and right now i just cannot handle it, i roll it up and then ill handle my shit.
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  1. I have to say I accidentally ran into this article on my FB feed, but it definitely was worth it! Not only was it a well written article highlighting the moment in time we are living under Trump’s presidency, but I also found new music to listen to. As a Chicano I always look forward to discovering new music that reflects my cultura. From one artist to another I want to leave this track and hope you give it a listen. Hope you don’t think it’s weird to send music on a reply comment, but hey we live in an era of information and the fact I can share my art is dope! My name is Giovanni Herrera by the way. I’m also going to leave my email just in case you’d like to leave some feedback, which would be cool.

    [email protected]


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