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En•Clave: [english] culturally distinct community. [spanish] in key, dialed in.

At En•Clave.LA, we clue you into what’s happening in LA’s vast cultural landscape.

We uncover and help you discover the cultural mosaic of LA: music, dance, film, the arts, particularly from our underrepresented communities and ethnic diaspora. We strive to represent the diversity of a vibrant city of immigrants that is ever-changing, for a multicultural audience accustomed to navigating between different cultures and appreciating our global roots.

We are a progressive site that believes in being responsible members of the communities we live in, participate in and visit. We cover cultural entertainment and emerging artists, as well as social justice and grassroots issues important in our communities.

#TicketTuesday: We have weekly free ticket giveaways to great live music shows and events for our newsletter subscribers and social media followers! We are proud to partner with cultural institutions throughout LA.
Featured Events: We curate the top events that we would go to, so you never miss out on the best culture happening in LA! We don’t just post events — we attend them, so say hello to us!
Blog: We have engaging interviews, reviews and video of artists and events.
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Tom, Founder/Editor: A lover of all people and cultures, Tom is a Vietnamese born refugee, who grew up in Orange County, speaks better Spanish than his native tongue, dances salsa, and feels his roots and oneness all the way back to Africa in her beautiful and soul-inspiring music! Tom’s forever conspiring how to connect & bring people together in this fantastic and rich LA cultural landscape, here and through his cultural events promotion company CultureGap.LA and many consulting and social media gigs. Contact him or join his Facebook community All Things World Culture in LA.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Charles and I host an artistic Collective every Thursday in Hollywood. I would like to add my info to your calendar. Below I have posted the info and added the link to fusicology.

    “Freedom Of Speech Thursdays” is a Poetry/Spoken Word artistic collective @ “Sabor y Cultura” in Hollywood. Lyrcists, musicians, and creative folks are all welcomed to attend.

    The atmosphere is one of caring and love for all those sharing and in attendance. It takes tremendous courage for anyone getting on the mic. You will be encouraged, supported, and most of all loved.

    This is an on-going event every Thursday.
    Suggested 1$ donation for artists, will not turned away if you don’t have
    Time: 8p-11p. Donations are welcomed!!!!! All ages.
    Address: 5625 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (on corner of Gramercy Place, and 2 blks west of Western Ave.)


  2. Hi Tom,

    I wanted to share an upcoming cultural event with you. Ridgecrest will be hosting the first annual Petroglyph and Heritage Festival this November 15 and 16. The festival is a celebration of Native American rock art in the area, as well as cultural traditions. There is a huge festival planned, as well ad guided tours into the mountains where the art is located. If you’d like any more information feel free to email me, or take a look at rpfestival.com! Love your site!


    • Hi Brandon! Thank you so much for letting me know! This is exactly the kind of event people need to know about, especially raising awareness on the rich Native American history of our state! I just looked at your site and read the LA Times article. Congratulations on this inaugural event! I will post this up soon to help spread the word and will email you for more information!

  3. Hi
    Could you please mail us back the Enclave postal address so that we can mail music recorded material to Tom Nguyen? Thanks.
    We would like to submit a few artists.
    Rossio Music Publishing
    Rua dos Remolares 14
    1200-371 Lisboa
    Yannick Jame [email protected]
    Mobile: +351 917 366 401
    Laurent David Rossi [email protected]
    Mobile: +351 917 546 814
    Rossio Music [email protected]
    Landline: +351 213 210 251 (desk)
    Landline: +351 218 048 131

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