Top Picks for Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, LA Film Festival, and Dances With Films

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by Tom Nguyen

After Memorial Day weekend, the first week of June has always been my marker for when LA’s summer really starts: the calendar kicks into high gear, filling up with too many great cultural events nonstop between now and Labor Day. Plenty of music, dance, art…and film is no exception as June greets us with not one, not two, but three great film festivals: 10th Annual Los Angeles Greek Festival, 22nd Annual LA Film Festival which both opened last night and 19th Annual Dances With Films opening today.

All 3 festivals offer a wide swath of narrative features, documentaries and short films. With so much to see and so little time, I tend to skew towards documentaries. Here are my top 3 films for 3 festivals:

10th Annual Los Angeles Greek Festival (June 1-5)

“Suntan” – A lonely middle-aged doctor who gets a second chance at long-lost youth becomes obsessively fixated on a beautiful tourist.

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