So you love Chicano Batman. Here’s 6 more amazing LA indie bands to watch.

by Tom Nguyen

LA’s underground Latin indie and rock scene is the most vibrant and explosive I’ve seen in years. Sure, Chicano Batman put the scene on the map and kudos to them…Coachella twice and 3 back-to-back sold-out shows this September wow! They’re such the hip, in-demand darlings right now, eager fans chased them to their cars after their performance to an over-capacity crowd at One Colorado in Pasadena this summer. I see posts on Facebook like a 60-something white CSULA professor gushing about playing their music to her class and wondering why her Latino students hadn’t heard them yet…so I had to ask her besides the Johnnie Walker commercial she saw, can she name any of the many talented and unique bands with Latino musicians playing amazing music in LA right now? Nope.

So Chicano Batman bandwagoners, take note. It took them nearly a decade of playing before the white mainstream music industry noticed, and LA Weekly recently wrote a great piece about LA’s Latin alternative music continuing to break down barriers, thanks in large part to visionary promoters like Viva Presents and Qvolé Collective. The thriving multicultural scene can be summed up by Qvolé’s motto…The Future is Latin. So in addition to great acts promoted by Qvolé like Buyepongo, Brainstory, Cutty Flam, here are six upcoming independent bands I think you should check out: Earth Arrow, Sin Color, The Altons, Twin Seas, Weapons of Mass Creation, Welfair. Continue Reading →

Interview: Sin Color’s next show Sin ColOrquestra breaks musical boundaries with DIY Ethic and Orchestral Collaboration


Photo by

by Tom Nguyen

If you haven’t seen Sin Color yet, you’re missing out on the prodigious talents of two teens, Crisia Regalado and David Aquino, from South LA, who are creating pop music defying labels and impressing new audiences with their constantly new collaborations and experimentation. I caught up with them recently for an interview about their latest all-ages show this upcoming Friday, May 27, at Tropico De Nopal, called Sin ColOrquestra.

EnClave.LA: What’s the idea behind this show?

Crisia: The idea is to bring together different disciplines and to collaborate and to bring a different touch to all of our compositions and our songs. And to add dancers to help us paint the story which we’re trying to convey.

EnClave.LA: What’s the story and the message you’re trying to tell?

David: Sin Color is all about just being open and constantly changing everything. Whether it’s people or sounds or ways of writing or anything, we always want fresh things. We get bored easily.

Crisia: We’re all about risking everything.

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2nd Annual Supersonico Fest brings Latin Alternative Legends to the Hollywood Palladium


Andrea Echeverri, lead singer of Aterciopelados

Story and Photos by Oscar Bautista

Last week the Hollywood Palladium hosted the second annual Supersonico music festival. This event held together one of the best collections of Latin Alternative and Chicano artists to grace the ears of LA audiophiles.

The day long show was a beautiful mix of indie, rock, hip-hop and electronica all courtesy of some of the best Latin acts of today. Taking up two floors of the Palladium, artists would switch back and forth from the main stage, which housed the larger bands, to the second floor balcony where the DJs performed.

What was exciting to see was how quickly the crowd of close to 4,000 would embrace this transition of music. The bopping and crowd-pleasing energy from artists like Mariachi El Bronx and Chicano Batman quickly turned into a bumping nightclub, once the bass of DJs like Mr. Pauer, Chancha Via Circuito and Dengue Dengue Dengue! began to fill the Palladium’s walls. Continue Reading →