Our Picks for NYE 2017 in Los Angeles!

by Tom Nguyen

When I’m considering where to spend New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles, I look for 3 things:

  • Great live bands and dance music we typically cover on this site.
  • It won’t break the bank (Some free, most under $30).
  • Whether big or small events, I’m looking for good vibes, not pretentiousness.

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Chicano Batman: Pizza Party for Fans & New Single to celebrate their Aug. 28 Homecoming show!

Don’t worry if you missed out–I asked about their new single for you.

Chicano Batman. From right to left: Gabriel Villa, Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arevalo, and Bardo Martínez.

Chicano Batman. From right to left: Gabriel Villa, Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arevalo, and Bardo Martínez.

by Amanda Wang

(LOS ANGELES) — It’s August 18th, a bright Tuesday on the Westside. For SoCal band Chicano Batman, the year has had in store for them the spoils of Coachella and opening for Jack White. Next up is a grand homecoming on August 28th as headliners at the El Rey. Though they’ve just wrapped up their tour with Alabama Shakes, Chicano Batman celebrates by throwing a humble kickback with pizza for their loyal Angeleno fans.

Pictured with Jack White.

Pictured with Jack White. Photo: David James Swanson.

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The Arcs, new project by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, plays first live show at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights (Full video)

by Tom Nguyen

I found out yesterday afternoon a new band The Arcs was going to have their first live performance at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights that very evening…and not just any new band…one formed by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Now disclaimer: I haven’t listened to The Black Keys since ohhh 2010 but hey I live a few blocks away from Espacio 1839, and I’m not above being a curiosity seeker, especially when a new hipster band decides to premiere at one of Boyle Heights’ bastions of anti-gentrification. How does that even happen? Well apparently El Oms, an artist and good friends with Espacio 1839, did the artwork for The Arcs’ upcoming music video for the song Put a Flower in Your Pocket. The night was a celebration of the completion of the video, which will be released next Friday August 14.

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Help Fund Jungle Fire’s Music Video by Sep. 27!

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One of our favorite LA bands, Jungle Fire, is having a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a short film inspired by their song Firewalker, by Saturday, September 27. The Afro Latin Funk band was touring UK, generating huge buzz and packing venues, when Alejo Restrepo and Roger Gonzalez, young filmmakers from Spain, caught them at a show in London. Inspired by the incredible music and energy of the band, they approached Jungle Fire about making a film that was both music video and short film, about how the band formed.

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Beware El Cucui in El Haru Kuroi’s new Video!

What do you get when you mix Dia de los Muertos, Latin folklore themed Papier-mâché masks and the back alleys of East LA? An otherworldly, dark and dreamy new video by LA band El-Haru Kuroi that is every bit as psychedelic as their music, which they describe as “East Los Angeles Nuevo Tropicália”. The trio, consisting of percussionist Chief D. Rodz (Dominique Rodriguez), vocalist/guitarist Capitan E.O. (Eddika Organista) and bassist/cellist M.A. Ibarra, have been a favorite of mine for years and are some of the most creative, hard-working musicians I know. In fact, this video has been a labor of love some 5 years in the making.

I had a chance to chat with the Chief about the making of the video:

Who made the costumes and where was it shot? How long did it take in total? From the costume making to the filming?

Me and Eddika worked on the majority of masks. It was filmed in different locations throughout Boyle Heights and City Terrace. A lot of people helped me out. Seriously. 5 years in the making….but all shot over 3 days in the last 5 months.

Who came up with the idea?

Well I mostly had the concept, but we all worked on it. I did direct it. It pretty much took 5 years. We had made a bunch of masks, had a few Papier-mâchée, BBQ’s where friends made mask frames, and did some Papier-mâché. We used the masks when those were done at Self Help Graphics, for a Dia De Los Muertos celebration. We had members of Killsonic, in which we were a part of, come and join us to play El Cucui with us, with either a mask or face paint. I think there is a YouTube of that somewhere. Then we became busy and focused on other things and just pushed the video aside for a while.

Masks that were made either suffered destruction or began to deteriorate. I started the process again 2 years ago making more masks and repairing some. Then again was busy.

Wow that’s a true labor of love!

It wasn’t until the Cucui mask really started to go that I really wanted to do it again.

We came up on an opportunity to film in an old boiler room, which was when we shifted this video into gear.

Yes, a Labour of Love!

I used old LA Weekly’s as the paper that I had gotten at my old job. I would take them out of the recycling a couple at a time. It was crazy doing this last batch of masks because some of the weekly’s were from 2008. It was like a collage of old events, movies, bands etc…

Cool. The last video I remember of EHK is the Dia de los Muertos one…

Yea that was the first one we did. But second to be thought of.

So you were all part of Killsonic before? And whens ur next show?

Yea I was in the original band and the large ensemble but left 3 or 4 years ago now.

We play tomorrow [Friday, May 9] at Record Surplus In Santa Monica. 8pm. Free!

*By the way, El Cucui, Cucuy or Cuco are many names of a mythical monster or bogeyman found in many countries’ folklore, known for taking naughty children — so be good out there, kids. 😉