Clitoral Mass 2015 Bicycle Ride: Empowering Womxn & Reclaiming LA Streets

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by Katie J

“With our arsenal of ‘indigena understanding and urban hood mentality’ we are building movement in the spirit of rebellion passed down by our great grandmothers, reclaiming the autonomy of our spaces and bodies as we continue to resist the settler occupation of both. The theme for the 4th Annual Clitoral Mass ride is “Mobility and Immobility: Base Building & Reclaiming Spaces Beyond Our Streets” to continue much-needed dialogue and analysis around issues of mass incarceration, mass deportation, gentrification and state-sponsored genocide.“ – Ovarian Psycos, re: Clitoral Mass 2015


This past Saturday was the Ovarian Psycos’ 4th annual Los Angeles Clitoral Mass bike ride, the now-infamous day when two-spirit, gender non-conforming, queer, trans, and cis womxn* from all walks of life gather to ride as one empowered mass — reclaiming the streets, connecting communities, and having a blast together. Continue Reading →