Chicano Batman: Pizza Party for Fans & New Single to celebrate their Aug. 28 Homecoming show!

Don’t worry if you missed out–I asked about their new single for you.

Chicano Batman. From right to left: Gabriel Villa, Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arevalo, and Bardo Martínez.

Chicano Batman. From right to left: Gabriel Villa, Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arevalo, and Bardo Martínez.

by Amanda Wang

(LOS ANGELES) — It’s August 18th, a bright Tuesday on the Westside. For SoCal band Chicano Batman, the year has had in store for them the spoils of Coachella and opening for Jack White. Next up is a grand homecoming on August 28th as headliners at the El Rey. Though they’ve just wrapped up their tour with Alabama Shakes, Chicano Batman celebrates by throwing a humble kickback with pizza for their loyal Angeleno fans.

Pictured with Jack White.

Pictured with Jack White. Photo: David James Swanson.

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The Arcs, new project by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, plays first live show at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights (Full video)

by Tom Nguyen

I found out yesterday afternoon a new band The Arcs was going to have their first live performance at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights that very evening…and not just any new band…one formed by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Now disclaimer: I haven’t listened to The Black Keys since ohhh 2010 but hey I live a few blocks away from Espacio 1839, and I’m not above being a curiosity seeker, especially when a new hipster band decides to premiere at one of Boyle Heights’ bastions of anti-gentrification. How does that even happen? Well apparently El Oms, an artist and good friends with Espacio 1839, did the artwork for The Arcs’ upcoming music video for the song Put a Flower in Your Pocket. The night was a celebration of the completion of the video, which will be released next Friday August 14.

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Rebels, Dissenters, and Visionaries…The People’s Voice is finally heard!

by Cindy Ly

Rebels, dissenters, and visionaries; that’s who is represented in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove’s Voices of a People’s History of the United States, an anthology book series that documents, through primary resources, speeches, writings, poems, and songs the voices of those often unheard; the every day heroes who have fought —or are still fighting— for social justice.

In front of a packed house, the 10th year anniversary performance took place in Los Angeles at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. Hosting duties were up to Mr. Arnove as he narrated and introduced each performance, all of them executed by a start-studded cast of activists who moonlight as actors and musicians when they’re not busy inciting revolutions.

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Don’t Miss Kuenta i Tambu’s first LA tour NOW!

DSC04489I first noticed Dutch music group Kuenta i Tambu on Getty’s roster for their Saturdays off the 405 concert series and was immediately taken by their video Jackhammer. Then I noticed them scheduled to headline LA Commons Day of the Ancestors: Festival of Masks, an annual celebration of African culture. What does an electronic dance group from Netherlands have to do with African culture? A lot in fact! The group’s members are from the Caribbean islands of Curaçao and Aruba and the history of the islands stretches from its indigenous Arawak people, to colonization by the Spanish and then the Dutch, and the powerful influence of the African slaves — the result is a richly unique cultural and musical tradition.

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Support Viento Callejero’s Kickstarter for 1st Album!

Viento Callejero is one of my favorite LA bands, a band that uniquely represents the exciting music that is coming out of the Los Angeles independent Latin music scene and they are having a Kickstarter to support their first album! Please support! Only 10 days left until Friday, May 30!

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Film of Cambodia’s Lost Golden Age of Rock n Roll Finally Premieres!

Documentary filmmaker John Pirozzi premiered his long-awaited film, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, this past Saturday, January 11, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is an homage to a musical renaissance that was happening in the 60s and 70s — Cambodian musicians were creating a rich, unique sound all their own, blending Western rock and pop with traditional Khmer folk music. Cambodia’s phrenetic capital was an exciting place to be then, with an active music scene the likes of which the West had never heard before and would not ever again, with the tragic intersection in history with the Vietnam War.

After illegal US bombing destabilized the country, the Khmer Rouge quickly overthrew the country and within a span of just a few years, proceeded to exterminate 2 million Cambodians, a third of the population, one of the worst modern genocides. Artists, musicians and intellectuals were systematically selected to be slaughtered first. Miraculously, a few notable musicians survived and 3 decades later, Pirozzi has been able track them down to preserve their memories of the music and culture both before and during the Khmer Rouge reign of terror.

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LA’s 1st New Year’s Eve at Grand Park was Huge!

(UPDATE 1/2/14: Please help Daedelus find his lost/stolen gear after his set! Reward/No questions asked!)
Los Angeles has never had a large New Year’s gathering, seen in other large cities like New York City’s Times Square…that is until last night! If the Grand Park wanted to be *the* go-to destination for the night, by sheer numbers, they exceeded their wildest expectations. In their first year of operation, the Grand Park has been putting on great events throughout the year to establish itself as a central free outdoor space unifying Angelenos. Last night’s success not only vindicated their vision, it probably caught them a little off-guard with the massive turnout! Continue Reading →

Celebration of Fela Kuti with Afrobeat Pioneer Tony Allen and Najite & Olokun Prophecy July 21

ArtDontSleep is bringing yet another musically spellbinding event to Los Angeles on Sunday, July 21: A Celebration of Fela Kuti at The Mayan Theatre in downtown LA! This can’t miss event will feature legendary Tony Allen, the Nigerian master drummer who founded Afrobeat with the late Fela Kuti, who once said, “without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat.” Described by many as the greatest drummer on the planet, Allen is renowned for being able to drum in different signatures in each of his 4 limbs. Fela recognized Allen’s talent and unique ability immediately and as the drummer and musical director of Fela’s band, Africa 70 from 1968-1979, Allen helped invent the richly woven percussion and rhythm of Afrobeat.

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Afro DZ ak LA Show Sat June 29 and Latest Video against LGBTQ Bullying & Suicide

Afro DZ ak is a a multi-instrumentalist MC and trumpet maestro from Boston who uses music, hip-hop and spoken-word poetry to promote positive social change. He’ll be playing a special free show in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 29, at the weekly Planet Rock hosted by Subsuelo DJ Canyon Cody and Captain Planet at The Virgil in Silverlake. Planet Rock is one of my favorite Saturday night events for great music and dancing with no cover and this special edition is not to be missed…it’s the only place in LA he is appearing! Check out his music below including his latest video and song Memories Live On, a poignant story of a gay teen driven to suicide. It’s a very appropriate topic today as I head to West Hollywood to celebrate today’s historic Supreme Court decisions in favor of LGBTQ rights to marriage equality. More love, less hate – let’s come together this Saturday and groove to the man’s positive messages and musical vibes.


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Seu Jorge at The Fonda Theatre Sat July 13

(UPDATE 7/6/13: The LA show on July 13 has been canceled. I couldn’t find out any more information other than the San Francisco show on July 12 also being canceled. So I guess if you really want to see him, you’ll have to travel to the East Coast where he’ll be playing as part of the Brasil Summerfest in NYC from July 17-24 and a free show in Miami July 27.)
If the Brazilian Nites Summer Series featuring a bevy of great Brazilian artists like Ana Carolina wasn’t already enough to get you excited for the summer, Brazilian international star Seu Jorge will be performing at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday, July 13! Tickets for the all ages show are on sale Friday, June 14 at 10am for $35 and $45 on Ticketmaster. Seu Jorge was one of the top draws for me at That 70s Soul on December 16, 2012, and I had to be content with just the 2 songs he played as a special guest: the classic 70s hit Everybody Loves The Sunshine and the iconic Brazilian song Mas Que Nada. I’m definitely not missing a chance to see this legend play a full show!

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